ABILITY AwarenessMark Goffeney, born with no arms, hammers on an ABILITY HouseVolunteer who is blind uses power drill on ABILITY HouseVolunteer with Intellectual Disabilities with Actress Hope AllenVolunteer who uses a wheelchair working on Honolulu ABILITY House
Building a World of Inclusion for People with Health Conditions and Disabilities


Volunteer Spotlights

We recognize all first-time volunteers, especially those with disabilities or health conditions have concerns that they may not be able to contribute on an active construction site. We hope you enjoy the following short snapshots of just a few of the volunteers who have participated on ABILITY Builds!


Volunteer David Radcliff David Radcliff

For too many people with disabilities, options are limited before they are fully explored. Often such limitations stem not from any physical barriers but from psychological ones, barriers we impose upon ourselves, barriers occasionally reinforced by our well-meaning friends and loved ones, barriers often encapsulated in six simple words: “Let me do that for you”.  Read his whole story...

Volunteers from Blind Industries learning to use drills Team from Blind Industries

This group came out with approximately 10 clients who were blind or had low vision. Lead by program directors enthusiastic by their clients' opportunity to volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity build, the volunteers quickly began learning important skills that they would use throughout the day. After learning to use the tools, the team built the home's ramp and helped raise two walls!

Mark Goffeney volunteering on a home Mark Goffeney

As a person born with no arms, Mark will be one of the first to admit that his greatest obstacle is often the perceptions that others have of his disability. When he joined us at the ABILITY Build in Oahu, HI he quickly dug in, using his feet to hammer nails, dig holes or operate saws; he never stopped working! Thanks also to Mark who used his singing and guitar-playing talents to help raise funds and awareness while on the island!


We want to hear from you!

Are you an ABILITY Build volunteer with a comment or story to share? We'd love to hear from you? Please email us your thoughts and make sure to include a photo if you have it!

Please note that any stories or comments we receive may be placed on the internet or used in future materials as we bring this life-changing program to new communities throughout the country!

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