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Building a World of Inclusion for People with Health Conditions and Disabilities


Benefits of Sponsorship

There are many benefits of becoming a national partner/sponsor of ABILITY Awareness or of sponsoring an ABILITY Build in your local community. Here are just a few...


Promote corporate responsibility

We live in a diverse culture with people who have diverse needs and abilities to offer the communities in which they live. By supporting the concept of universal design, providing employment and volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities and other health conditions, and supporting ABILITY Awareness' mission, you are promoting the idea of full inclusion for everyone in society regardless of ability or disability. It is a community leadership role that demonstrates corporate responsibility and commitment to diversity.

Increase employee morale

Employee turnover costs US corporations millions of dollars each year. Business experts agree that one way to reduce turnover, and thereby help improve your company's net profits, is to increase employee morale. Employees feel good about working for a company that does good. Providing a meaningful opportunity that all employees can identify with and embrace as a good cause can produce positive tangible results for your business.

Maximize your marketing dollars

High profile events, hospitality opportunities, your company's name connected with an internationally acclaimed program are all part of maximizing your marketing dollars. Not only will your sponsorship be promoted in main-stream media, but your involvement will be promoted in specialized media as well. What a great opportunity to target market and reach the customers that can most positively impact your bottom line!

Improve communities

Corporations large and small depend on the communities in which they are located for support. It is where you find your employees, where you live, and where your presence is felt the most. A healthy community produces the employees you need to run your business and the customers you need to sustain it. Building homes in your community and supporting a cause that improves the local economy keeps your company viable and healthy and that is just plain good business.

... and Change lives

Having a home is often something we take for granted. For some, it is an almost impossible dream. By sponsoring an ABILITY House that will be a home to a low-income family with a member with a disability or health condition, you will not only help offset costs of construction, but your employees will have the opportunity to be involved with the homeowners in making their dream come true.


ABILITY Awareness is ready to create a tailored benefits package to meet your company's priorities and goals. To learn more, please email us or call (949) 943-4442

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