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Building a World of Inclusion for People with Health Conditions and Disabilities


Build with Us


Thank you for your interest in doing an ABILITY Build!


why organizations do ability builds:

There are many reasons organizations choose to do ABILITY Builds: 

  • An upcoming homeowner has a disability or health condition and they’re seeking advice on how to make the home accessible and how to provide sweat equity hours for their homeowner.
  • They are seeking to reach out to volunteers with disabilities, a largely untapped pool of skilled and capable volunteers!
  • There is interest in doing a higher profile build, and they recognize that the visual elements of volunteers with disabilities building a home provides a unique story to pitch the local press, bringing higher visibility to the organization and sponsors.
  • Because including volunteers with disabilities into all phases of planning and construction is simply the right thing to do!

The process and experience will be more rewarding than you can imagine. You organization will greatly enrich your pool of enthusiastic volunteers, your skilled volunteers will receive a very rewarding experience, and you’ll increase the media opportunities highlighting your build.


what it means to commit to an ability build:  

What is the commitment by an organization interested in doing an ABILITY Build? The following is a guideline for ABILITY Builds, but these may be adjusted depending on the goal of the project.

  • The home must meet the minimum criteria for visibility.
  • If the homeowner has a disability or health condition, appropriate accessibility features will be included.
  • The organization will strive to utilize people with disabilities or health conditions as 50% of the builds' volunteers.


How will ABILITY Awareness support your ABILITY Build?

Following is a general overview of the ways ABILITY Awareness will support your organization once you have committed to the project. ABILITY Awareness' support levels may vary depending on the goals and strengths of the building affiliate or covenant partner.

  • Homeowner selection: When requested, ABILITY Awareness will reach out to organizations to help identify a homeowner.
  • Accessibility consultation: ABILITY Awareness will provide recommendations on accessibility features to be included to make the home accessible to a potential homeowner. Sample blueprints are available.
  • Volunteer Outreach: ABILITY Awareness can provide extensive support identifying local organizations assisting people with disabilities or health conditions. In some instances, when requested, ABILITY Awareness will directly assist with scheduling and recruiting volunteers.
  • Sponsorships: ABILITY Awareness might conduct sponsorship outreach on behalf of the building organization and ABILITY Awareness. (Ask for details)
  • Training: ABILITY Awareness will provide on-site training providing staff with important guidelines and notes on how to speak to and work with volunteers with health conditions or disabilities
  • Construction: ABILITY Awareness will provide useful and specific information on how to make a construction site accessible to people with disabilities and how to simply modify jobs or tools to make them available to volunteers with various disabilities or health conditions.
  • Public Relations: ABILITY Awareness will provide helpful talking points and sample releases to further promote your ABILITY Build.
  • Support: ABILITY Awareness is available to provide ongoing support throughout the length of the build.


build with us!

If you are a volunteer home building organization we would love to talk about working with you to make your next build an ABILITY Build! For more information, please contact us by emailing NewBuilds[at]ABILITYawareness.org

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