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ABILITY AwarenessMark Goffeney, born with no arms, hammers on an ABILITY HouseVolunteer who is blind uses power drill on ABILITY HouseVolunteer with Intellectual Disabilities with Actress Hope AllenVolunteer who uses a wheelchair working on Honolulu ABILITY House

Building a World of Inclusion for People with Health Conditions and Disabilities

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The hallmark program of ABILITY Awareness is the ABILITY Build: engaging volunteers with health conditions and disabilities in building accessible low-income homes! To learn more about the ways this program is highlighting the potential that people with disabilities have as volunteers, mentors, and employees, click here!

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DSiAM Down Syndrome in the arts and mediaManaged by Gail Williamson
A service for talent who have Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities. Down Syndrome in Arts & Media, DSiAM pronounced "D.S. I am". Learn more.

Quincy Jones Music Institute
Quincy Jones Music Institute dedicated to highlighting the science and benefits of music. Learn more.

First American Exhibition of Chinese Artists with Disabilities Learn more.

Partnership with China Press for people with disabilities

Art TrunkArt Trunk by Christiana
Bringing art therapy to children in the poorer parts of India Learn more.

Measuring a board Bring out the ABILITY!
If you are a Habitat for Humanity affiliate, Fuller Center for Housing Covenant Partner or other nonprofit organization interested in doing an ABILITY Build, we want to talk to you! Learn more.

Finishing drywall Make a difference - Volunteer! Whether you want to join us on a build site or help in the office, we have a wonderful opportunity for you! Learn more.

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Photo of David Radcliff

by David Radcliff

As excerpted from ABILITY Magazine

View the Award Winning ABILITY Magazine -- health and disability will never seem the same

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Down syndrome in arts and media